Your uPVC ceiling option

Conservatory ceiling insulation with a uPVC finish can add a light, airy, open look while retaining the 'feel' of a traditional glass conservatory.

So, what is uPVC?

The 'PVC' in uPVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride - a chemical compound derived from naturally occurring raw materials of natural gas, petroleum and common salt.

The 'u' stands for 'unplasticised'. This means that no chemical plasticizers have been added to soften the material. uPVC is widely used in conservatories because it's easily shaped under heat. Also when extra support is needed, metal rods can be incorporated within the structure. And it looks great!

The benefits of uPVC for you

When you choose uPVC as a cover for your insulated conservatory ceiling, you'll enjoy a bright, light and airy space created by sunlight reflected from the uPVC surface. Plus, uPVC is a very low-maintenance material that will only need minimal attention after installation.

The uPVC-panel ceiling will be installed inside your existing conservatory roof, hiding the insulation from the interior and helping dramatically decrease seasonal temperature fluctuations.

Installing your uPVC ceiling

  • 1. First, we check for leaks and other external problems, which, if found, will be rectified quickly and professionally.
  • 2: We then install a treated timber subframe onto the underside of your existing roof beams, with every joist perfectly cut and fitted.
  • 3: The next stage involves adding the insulated quilt, which is made up of 19 unique layers. The quilt will cover the whole of your conservatory ceiling underside. Apart from being highly energy efficient, the quilt is totally compliant with building regulations as well as being certified as fire retardant.
  • 4: To provide a secure fixing for your uPVC ceiling, we then install a second treated timber subframe on top of the quilt.
  • 5: The ceiling is completed by fitting beautiful uPVC shiplap design panels.

Completed in as little as one day

Thanks to the skill and experience of our fitters, your uPVC insulated conservatory ceiling can be completed in as little as one day, with minimal mess and disruption for you and your family.

Your 10-year guarantee

All our uPVC finish conservatory ceilings come with a minimum 10-year guarantee.

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