Tapco Slate Roof & Internal Insulation

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The benefits of Tapco Slate Roof

Plasterboard ceiling insulation

Authentic style

TapcoSlate offers an array of impressive features that make it a top-notch choice for roofing needs. Made from recyclable plastic and Dolomite limestone, TapcoSlate replicates the texture and edges of natural slate, providing an authentic and visually appealing appearance.

Strong & durable

These high-quality tiles come in a range of attractive colors and blends, allowing you to select the perfect option to enhance your home's style and architecture. TapcoSlate excels in weather resistance, as it will not curl, lift, or delaminate, and is impermeable to water.

Limited lifetime warranty

TapcoSlate has been certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) and is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, providing assurance in its quality and durability.

A stunning selection of colors to suit every style

TapcoSlate stands out as a premium choice that offers not only exceptional durability and quality but also a captivating range of colors.

Solid Roof & Tapco Slate Finance Available

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The Installation Process

  1. Removal of the existing polycarbonate / glass roof panel.
  2. Insulation is placed between the rafters.
  3. Treated timber battens are fitted over the insulation and rafters.
  4. A layer of breathable felt roofing membrane is then installed.
  5. Tiling battens are fitted over the felt.
  6. Lightweight Tapco tiles are then fixed to the tiling battens.
  7. Multi-foil insulation is fixed over the internal rafters.
  8. Plasterboard is fitted to the underside of the rafters and plaster skimmed.

Ratings & Certification

  • Fire rating: BS476 Part 3, Boarded Roof SAA, Battened Roof SAC.
  • Hail rating: Class IV
  • Wind rating: 110mph wind-driven rain with no water infiltration through sheathing. No slate cracked, split or lifted.
  • Accelerated UV Exposure: Slate showed virtually no fading and no cracking or splitting.
  • Freeze/Thaw: No damage after 300 cycles.
  • Water absorption: No appreciable gain, impermeable.

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