Your plaster-finished ceiling option

Match the appearance of your conservatory ceiling to the rest of your home.

The benefits of a plaster finish

Added control

When you choose a conservatory ceiling insulation with a plaster finish, not only will your conservatory stay warm in winter and cool in summer, but we will also match the appearance of the plaster to the rest of your home. That way, your conservatory appears fully integrated rather that an add-on.

We install fully insulated panels inside your existing conservatory roof to add a protective layer for effective climate control. The insulation panels are made of a multi-layered, extremely thermally efficient material with a U-value of just 0.2, meaning that the heat lost through the material is extremely low.

When the ceiling installation is complete, the shape of your conservatory ceiling will be maintained and you'll lose very little ceiling height.

Installation step by step

  • 1. Our first step is to check your conservatory for leaks or other problems. Any issues will be quickly rectified before insulation work starts.
  • 2: We start by installing a treated timber subframe onto the underside of your existing roof beams. Our professional installation technicians will make sure every joist is perfectly cut and fitted.
  • 3: The next stage involves fitting the insulated quilt to the entire underside of the conservatory ceiling. Constructed from 19 layers, the insulation quilt is extremely energy efficient, fire retardant and totally compliant with building regulations.
  • 4: A second treated timber subframe is then installed to provide a secure fixing for your choice of internal ceiling finish.
  • 5: A smooth plaster covering is added to make sure the overall finish of the ceiling is in complete harmony with the rest of your home. All you have to do is wait for the plaster to dry before painting.

Luxurious and welcoming

A plaster finish insulated ceiling creates a luxurious, welcoming living space you and your family can use throughout the year.

Your 5-year guarantee

Remember! All our plaster finish conservatory ceilings come with a minimum 5-year guarantee.

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